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Christina BioPhyto Professional Kit (15 Products)



WHERE SCIENCE MEETS NATURE. A scientifically proven new product line by Christina ensures high personalized treatment for all skin types of any age and provide instant significant results, solutions to multiple skin conditions caused by negative internal and environmental factors. The skin regains its natural beauty and retains healthier look. With Christina’s BioPhyto, beautiful skin is a healthy-looking skin.

This Kit contains:
– Mild Facial Cleanser (Step 1)
– 500ml Refreshing Toner (Step 2)
– 500ml Suppling Gel (Step 3)
– 250ml Herbal Peel (Step 4a)
– 250ml Herbal Peel Forte (Step 4b)
– 250ml Spot Corrector (Step 4c)
– 30ml Comforting Massage Cream (Step 5)
– 500ml Seb Adjustor Mask (Step 6a)
– 250ml Zaatar Mask (Step 6b)
-250ml Anti Rougeurs Mask (Step 6c)
– 250ml Revitalizing Mask (Step 6d)
-250ml Alluring Serum (Step 7)
– 100ml Zaatar Cream (Step 8a)
-250ml Enlightening Eye and Neck Cream (Step 9).

The state of the art products lines with natural ingredients along with scientifically developed ones- SLS FREE- PARABEN FREE- PETROCHEMICAL FREE- COLOUR FREE- PROPYLENE GLYCOL FREE – EDTA FREE.This product line ensures a balanced cellular activity, rehabilitation, and revitalization. The skin’s natural defense systems are restored, strengthened and protected against further damage. Result in impressively radiant, vibrant and revitalized skin

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Weight 5500 kg